3BaysGSA™ is a new innovation golf swing technology. It will record your swing motion and send the information straight to your mobile phone through its unique app, compare each swing against your most consistent one for greater accuracy. You feel like having digital coaches accompanying with your golf.

3BaysGSA™ records all your swing motions. Its unique GSA app helps you to analyze your swing and shows your Swing Consistency, Club Head Speed, Face Angle, Swing Tempo, Ball distance and other valuable parameters. You can easily review your swing records in parametric form and even in graphical format, compare your swing with your best swing, and play back your swing arc motions at various speeds.

10,000 data captured per swing 3BaysGSA™ will capture the raw data of a user swing parameters. All data would be transferred to an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android tablet, Android smart phone for further analysis in real-time. You can review your actual swing arc, club head speed, tempo, ball distance and other valuable parameters immediately.

Instant review
3BaysGSA™ is a very simple device. You just attach to your golf club, adjust the club face angle, then you can start to enjoy 3BaysGSA™. You can check your swing information on your mobile device easily.


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